Mineral Water

Quality Control Process

Product safety and consumer acceptance is very important to us. Our facility is an approved FDA establishment. Our water supply is monitored for all the EPA Safe Drinking Water parameters required of a community water supply in addition to the FDA food processing quality control measures.


5 Steps to Quality Control

1. Spring head protection

  • Located on a 375 acre parcel surrounded by thousands of acres of public land, our spring is not influenced by surrounding manufacturing or agricultural practices.
  • The waters from the springs are collected underground and piped via food grade piping to food grade storage tanks in our processing facility.

2. Water monitoring

  • We use state approved and independently owned testing labs for regulatory compliance and quality control.

3. Water filtering and treatment

  • We use 2 different filtering processes and Ozone disinfection to ensure product safety and regulatory compliance.

4. Packaging control

  • Our equipment is stainless steel and utilizes clean in-place methods at each shift change. 
  • Our packaging film exceeds industry standards for durability and potential for leaching contaminants.

5. Plant quality control

  • Our plant uses HACCP control methods that monitor sanitation and control points in all aspects of processing.