Mineral Water

Water Coolers


Convenient In-Home Use

• Our proprietary 10 Liter Water Pouches weighs 23 lbs. Not the 45 lbs of standard water jugs.

• No empty bottles to store and return.

• NO BPA plastic.

Idah2o Gold Mineral Water is filled at the source high in the Rocky Moutains.

Idah2o Gold Mineral Water is never exposed to the elements till you drink it.

• Delivered in convenient stackable boxes that measure 12”x 16” x 4”.

• Water bag adapter attaches to the top of all standard water coolers.

Naturally filtered deep through the Rocky Mountains, Idah2o Gold gives you the high levels of naturally occurring minerals your body needs to be invigorated and to deliver Ultra Hydration. Convenient and environmentally sustainable.

A Better Way to Package Water

Light Weight Water Pouch: These bags fit into an adapter that fits standard water coolers.