Mineral Water

Better than 5 Gal Bottles

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Comparing pouch dispenser to bottle dispenser.

Our 10 liter pouch concept will solve many of the health and environmental issues caused by 5 gallon plastic bottles such as those used on water coolers.

Disadvantage of PET Five Gallon Bottles:

  • The 5 gallon plastic bottle’s life is limited, and subject to the condition of the bottle.
  • Health risks from the 5 gallon plastic bottle are fast becoming more evident and retailers may be subject to law suits.
  • Over a period of time, (usually between 4 and 5 times) the sterilization process causes the plastic bottle to “Pit” and “Scalp” and thus makes a “Home” for Microbial to live. 
  • People are getting sick and are now just becoming aware that their illnesses may be related to the 5 gallon plastic bottle.  Once the bottle reaches this stage (and it does so relativity soon) the bottle must be discarded and never reused.
  • Unfortunately, most consumers are unaware of the dangers and do not take precautions.   



Each box contains one pouch

The Idah2o Gold Mineral Water pouch comes in an attractive corrugated box measuring only 12″x16″x4″. This means that they are stackable and can be used as displays right on the floor. It becomes a “Grocery Cart” item.

Also, consumers can stack the boxes right next to their water cooler for convenience.

  • The 5 gallon bottle is bulky;
  • It is awkward and heavy to lift, and can cause back injuries.
  • These bottles cannot be stacked and they take up valuable shelf space.

Pouches stored on a shelf

Uses Standard Water Coolers

The pouch has an adapter that fits standard water coolers.


Better Plastic

The pouch is made of proprietary materials consisting of five layers. It is surgically sterile, non-scalping, non-breathable, uses 40% less plastic for the same size ridged plastic bottle and keeps our water as fresh as drinking it from the source.

Light Weight

The 5 gallon bottle weighs over 45lbs.  Consumers have a hard time lifting and placing the heavy bottle on the cooler – this often makes a mess. By comparison, almost anyone can lift the 23 pound Idah2o Gold Mineral Water pouch and place it in the adapter without making a mess.

Save our Landfills

Compared to the same size plastic bottle, the pouch uses less landfill, has 9 times less carbon footprint, less energy to produce and 9 times less energy to dispose of.

Long Lasting

Idah2o Gold has an indefinite shelf life. This is perfect for long-term storage purposes and stores never have to worry about rotating inventory.

Save on Shipping Costs

Idah2o Gold is cheaper to ship and store. Our water is packaged in a compact container, and ships minus the weight of a heavy bottle. With rising transportation and warehousing costs this can become a major factor in the future.

One pallet of 100 pouches is equal to 1000 liters, or 250 gallons, which would be equal to 50 five gallon bottles.

Water for the future

You can now have confidence that a sealed pouch of Idah2o Gold Mineral water is the safest way to distribute bulk water.

We are confident that with today’s publicity surrounding the need for electrolytes and minerals Idah2o Gold will fast become a household word.

Landfill per 100g or productU.S EPA 2007 MSW Report 2.8g 6.0g (2.14 more landfill space)
Energy Consumption MJ/8ozBattelle Memorial Institute .45 3.0 (6.6 times energy consumption)
Packaging needed 60Lbs of WaterFlexpack.org fast facts 1.5 lbs Flex Plastic 6 lbs. Rigid Plastic (4 times amount)

A pouch easily inserted into cooler top

Adapter pierces pouch and water flows into cooler.


A pouch costs less to dispose

Transportation utilization costs based on 364,000 Quart size empty moving
1000 miles

Costs from PDM Transportation, CA transport company

Pouch PET
Utilizes 1 truck Utilizes 9 trucks
Utilizes 26 pallets $195.00 Utilizes 234 pallets $1,755.00
Utilizes 166 gallons of fuel Utilizes 1,494 gallons of fuel
Fuel Costs $643.00 Fuel Costs $5,787.00
2 man hours load & unload 18 man hours load & unload

Cost Benefits Pouch vs PET


Pouch Benefit
Compare to PET Plastic
PET Shortfall
Indefinite shelf life, no wasted inventory, no landfill waste on unused
product, efficient use of taxpayer dollars.( See FDA “What is shelf
life for bottled water”)
1 to 2 year shelf Life Needs to be discarded often when not used
Efficient use of warehouse space, Can be stored in any warehouse, does
not allow moisture or particulates to invade the water, Safer water (see
Barriers in packaging)
Breathable Will allow water to absorb odor, oxygen, moisture and particulates from
the air, needs to be stored away from toxins, Must be in a cool dry environment
Can transport more water per truck thus uses less money to transport per
volume of water, efficient use of taxpayer dollars
Weighs more for the same size Transports more plastic and less water
Socially responsible, ecology friendly, shows the public that you care
about the environment
Uses 40% more plastic Environmentally non friendly
9 times less land fill space, 9 times less wood consumption for pallets,
9 times less corrugate for boxes, 9 times less fuel and emissions pollution.
Environmentally sound and taxpayer friendly.
rigid plastic maintains shape 9 times the environmental footprint uses 9 times the cost of trucks for
trash removal, requires more man hours to load and unload trucks.
Inner layer is non-scalping, contains no hormone-mimicking chemicals,
water remains unaffected by heat or freezing.
Rigid plastic construction Some plastic can disrupt the human hormonal system, Some plastics emit
toxins when exposed to heat or cold


Idah2o Gold Mineral water is an Idaho product.