Mineral Water

Packaging the Gold

Pure Mineral Water – “Bottled” Right

2013-08-07 13.41.17Idah2o Gold is packaged in one of the most sociably responsible and safest packages available: a pouch. Not just any pouch but one that will not “scalp,” one that will not breathe, and one that is made with at least 40% less plastic for the same size, ridged, plastic bottle.

It is, literally, a large bag inside a recyclable box.

Five layers of protection

The Idah2o Gold five-layered pouch has a surgically sterile inner layer which is the only thing that touches the water. It is composed of a non-scalping material so that no toxins, BPA, estrogens or anything can get into the water.

The outer layers are a barrier that will not let moisture, odor or any particulates through. This makes Idah2o Gold taste the same whether you are drinking it at the source or out of the pouch… except it’s cooler!

Hand-held Pouches

Our packaging utilizes environmentally friendly pouches in many sizes. For a hand-held drink we have a solution that is easy to drink, easy to store, and easy to dispose. Slip on a handy carabiner for easy transportation, and when you are done you have a small bit of plastic that fits in your pocket.


 Straight from the box!

For lowest waste, and ease of use, you can dispense our mineral water straight from the box with our reusable spigot.


Simply pierce the pouch with the spigot’s sharp tip, then screw down the gasket for a tight seal. Each box has a pop-out on the side for the spigot to fit through.


Idah2o Gold is the water of the future.