Mineral Water

What is Idah2o Gold

Idah2o Gold is ultra-pure mineral water brimming with naturally-occurring electrolytes and essential minerals. It is emerges from high in the pristine Rocky Mountains from a Geothermal Spring and is bottled at the source.

It is untouched by man, never exposed to the air, protected from the environment and has the perfect balance of minerals and electrolyte content available direct from Mother Nature. Nothing is added by man. It bubbles up from a 3,200 degree lava bed where it picks up its balance of the essential minerals and electrolytes that are needed to sustain life.

Idah2o Gold delivers a crisp natural taste and a natural electrolyte boost. With natural hot-springs mineral water there are no chemically-added electrolytes – it’s just what you need, naturally.

Where does Idah2o Gold come from?

The source of Idah2o Gold is a geothermal spring deep in the pristine Rocky Mountains. This ultra-pure spring was formed from melted snow and rainwater from as long as 4,000 years ago. Over time, ice and rain filtered naturally through the layers of the earth, naturally adding electrolytes and minerals, then pooling to form this unique, natural source of pure, electrolyte-rich and mineral-rich water.

Why is Idah2o Gold better?

All natural, non-carbonated Idah2o Gold mineral water has been tested for over three decades and has consistently maintained its balance of minerals and electrolytes as well as a near-perfect pH of 6.9.

After testing Idah2o Gold, the world-renowned Fresenius Institute classified it as as a “healing water”.

To keep it pure, we package it in a five-layered pouch. The water is contained in an inner layer. This keeps the water from touching the plastic outer layer.

What is in Idah2o Gold Mineral Water?

A natural way to replenish electrolytes and minerals, mineral water contains these essential minerals:

Calcium Bones and Teeth
Magnesium Nerves and Muscles
Sodium Maintaining Fluid Balance
Potassium Preventing Dehydration
Chloride Maintaining normal stomach acidity
Iron Red Blood Cells Formation and Function
Manganese Metabolism of Carbohydrates
Fluoride Bones and Teeth
Silica Bones and Teeth
Hydrogen Carbonate Maintaining normal stomach acidity

Why a Pouch?

With water as pure and natural as Idah2o Gold, we wanted a package that was healthier for both you and the environment.

Idah2o Gold is packaged in 200ml, 500ml, one liter and 10 liter pouches with a proprietary multi-layer structure, and is BPA Free – to make sure the water tastes as fresh as if you were drinking it at the source.

The Idah2o Gold pouch uses an astonishing 40% less plastic than the same size rigid plastic bottle. And the pouches are freezable and unlike plastic bottles, is not sensitive to heat.