Mineral Water


Pure, Fresh, Healthy and Invigorating.

Bottled at a Geothermal Spring high in the pristine Rocky Mountains of Idaho

pouchesIdah2o Gold is a Natural Spring Mineral Water from a Geothermal Spring high in the pristine Rocky Mountains of Idaho.

Melted snow and rainwater from as long as 4,000 years ago, filters into the earth until it reaches lava at about 3,200 degrees F.

During the process of filtering through the different layers of the earth, the water acquired its natural balance of minerals that EveryBODY needs.

Idah2o Gold is a mineral water of high quality and purity of taste that is fresh and invigorating.

Mineral Water for Health


In Europe and other areas of the world, bottled mineral water has recognized medicinal values.

In their book, Minerals Kill or Cure? (Larchment Books, New York, 1974) Ruth Adams and Frank Muray report that the human body must have minerals and they must be replaced daily.

For example, in Europe several years ago, athletes began a cross country run declaring they would consume nothing but distilled water. Halfway, the runners had to discontinue drinking distilled water, they had lost their mineral reserves including vitally important electrolytes. To continue might have proven fatal.

Scientific research has shown the minerals in water, as in foods, do contribute to health.

Mineral water that is well bottled can remain drinkable for decades.

  • Mineral water, which is hard water, is not good for cleaning.
  • As a drink, research has proven it to be a life saver.
  • Hard water, in fact, may prevent your dying of a heart attack.
  • Hard water is healthier than drinking soft water or mineral free water.

Mineral Water Hot Springs

Homesteaded in the 1870’s, Idaho Mineral Springs has been a nationally renowned geothermal spa. For thousands of years previous to this, the springs were used by the Native Americans who valued the geothermal mineral water for its health giving and medicinal values.

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